Social events – registration

The social program for the CSEconf2017 takes place on Tuesday, October 24, starting at 18:00. The events are listed below and there are currently a few free places remaining. To check if you have registered, please consult the table below.

Opera House Tour
A one-hour guided tour of the Oslo Opera house.
18:00 – 19:00
4 free places for the tour

Conference Dinner
The conference dinner will take place in Argent Restaurant, inside the Opera house.
19:00 Aperitif will be served.
5 free places for the tour.

Free places:
If you wold like to register for a social event, please contact Rachel Thomas ( as soon as possible.
Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Surname Name Social Events
Aasen Marianne Tour & dinner
Aasen Slinde Gaute Dinner only
Adams Loyce Dinner only
Alalade Clement oluwole Not registered
Atkinson Tom David Tour & dinner
Bartuschat Dominik Tour & dinner
Bergersen Aslak Tour & dinner
Bjørstad Petter Tour & dinner
Boisvert Rita Tour & dinner
Boisvert Ronald Tour & dinner
Bonadei Francesca Dinner only
Bruaset Are Magnus Tour & dinner
Burstedde Carsten Dinner only
Cai Xing Dinner only
Carapella Valentina Not registered
Cools Ronald Tour & dinner
Coulier Adrien Dinner only
Daversin-Catty Cecile Not registered
de Oliveira Bernardo Dinner only
Dienstfrey Andrew Tour & dinner
Dokken Jørgen Schartum Dinner only
Dragly Svenn-Arne Tour & dinner
Einarsson Bo Tour & dinner
Einevoll Gaute Tour & dinner
Ellevold Thea Josefine Not registered
Ellingsrud Ada Johanne Dinner only
Farrell Patrick Tour & dinner
Feinberg Jonathan Dinner only
Filkukova Petra Tour & dinner
Finsberg Henrik Tour & dinner
Fjeldaas Lene Tour & dinner
Frøberg Hagane Inger Karoline Tour & dinner
Funke Simon Not registered
Furuberg Liv Dinner only
Furuberg Langtangen Mikkel Tour & dinner
Fyhn Marianne Dinner only
Gil Amparo Tour & dinner
Hafreager Anders Dinner only
Hafting Torkel Tour & dinner
Hagen Espen Dinner only
Hansen Christian Valdemar Tour & dinner
He Qin Tour & dinner
Hellevik Leif Rune Dinner only
Holland Jan Tour & dinner
Hossain Shahadat Dinner only
Hunter Peter Tour & dinner
Hussein Soran Not registered
Iske Armin Tour & dinner
Johansson August Dinner only
Johnson Chris Tour & dinner
Kereta Zeljko Dinner only
Kuchta Miroslav Not registered
Langguth Johannes Tour & dinner
Langseth Jan Olav Tour & dinner
Larson Mats Tour & dinner
LeVeque Randall J Dinner only
Lines Glenn Terje Not registered
Linge Svein Dinner only
Logg Anders Tour & dinner
Lyche Tom Tour & dinner
Lysne Olav Dinner only
Løyland Marit Tour & dinner
Mardal Kent Andre Dinner only
Marsden Alison Lesley Tour & dinner
Martin Peters Tour & dinner
Mobarhan Milad Tour & dinner
Moe Halvard Dinner only
Mortensen Mikael Tour & dinner
Mørken Knut Dinner only
Nederbragt Lex Dinner only
Nielsen Bjørn Fredrik Tour & dinner
Nordaas Magne Dinner only
Norilo Leo Not registered
Næss Solveig Not registered
Piersanti Eleonora Tour & dinner
Quarteroni Alfio Not registered
Ragan-Kelley Min Tour & dinner
Rahman Talal Dinner only
randi atanga Not registered
Rognes Marie Tour & dinner
Ruede Ulrich Dinner only
Sandve Alnæs Martin Dinner only
Schreiner Jakob Dinner only
Schroll Achim Tour & dinner
Segura Javier Dinner only
Sequeira Adelia Tour & dinner
Skavhaug Ola Dinner only
Solbrå Andreas Tour & dinner
Steihaug Trond Not registered
Sundet Marianne Tour & dinner
Sundnes Joakim Dinner only
Tennøe Simen Tour & dinner
Thomas Rachel Dinner only
Thompson Travis Not registered
Thuné Michael Tour & dinner
Timmermann Viviane Tour & dinner
Trotter James Not registered
Turek Stefan Tour & dinner
Tveito Aslak Tour & dinner
Valen-Sendstad Kristian Dinner only
van den Brink Jonas Tour & dinner
van Herck Ilse Tour & dinner
Vouk Mladen Dinner only
Wall Samuel Dinner only
Wang Pin Chun Tour & dinner
Winther Ragnar Dinner only
Zaharie Dan Tour & dinner
Zhan Justin Tour & dinner
Zumbusch Gerhard Dinner only
Ødegård Åsmund Dinner only